Kindred Charities

Created as a direct response to the termination of the Crickets’ Kids group, the Crusade for Kindred’s kids served over 60 families in 2014, as well as children receiving services from Cabell County DHHR, the Ronald McDonald House and other community organizations.

This year’s Crusade for Kindred’s Kids drive will focus primarily on serving single, working moms in the Tri-State. Mike Kirtner, Kindred Communications President said, “We are a giving community. Plus, we have a great number of single working moms. These women are often not thought of as they attempt to provide for their children on a daily basis. A lot of them are working two jobs just to get by. We felt that helping them allowed an avenue to help some very deserving and hardworking people.”

We appreciate everyone that came out and donated todays to the event on the 12th and at the donation boxes this year. We will be distributing to nominated families soon. Thank you for your help and we look forward to continuing the drive next year.

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